Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiger Homecoming

We had a great time at Homecoming! We usually march in the Alumni Band... gives us the chance to play Tiger Rag again and see some friends from band. It's always fun. We also get pretty good seats in front of the band...

This is our view of "the most exciting 25 seconds in college football" - the Tigers running down the hill! Very electric.

Tiger Band doing pre-game...

The Tiger and Tiger Cub like to "direct" the band - this time they tried to do it together. I got a couple of pretty good shots!

Good shot of Clemson about to take it in for a touchdown

It's so nice to see that sea of orange

Our friend bought a purple trumpet off Ebay for $100. Not bad! Someone else had an orange trumpet, so they looked pretty cool together.

T and me having fun :-)


Holly S. said...

Okay, yeah, you're right: It did make me feel better to see the pictures of Clemson's Homecoming.

Victoria said...

How can you stand to weat so much orange? Did you feel like a pumpkin?